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Cannabis: a US Open court smells “like Snoop Dogg’s living room”.
In the coming weeks, field hockey will be in the news more and more. After all, next month brings the CH golf tournament, rookie camp, training camp and more.

So, the old cliché goes, at some point, someone will say that “it smells like field hockey”.

It’s an expression to color the language, because in our living rooms, field hockey has no smell. It does in arenas, but not when you watch TV and see pictures in Brossard.

This applies to many sports. In the last few weeks, in Montreal, for example, it smelled like tennis. The National Bank Open brought out the crowds to see some quality tennis.

But what you need to know is that tennis in Montreal obviously doesn’t smell the same as tennis on court #17 at the US Open. Why is that? Because over there, it smells like cannabis.

It’s a well-known fact in the tennis world, and Alexander Zverev, who played there, once compared court #17 to “Snoop Dogg’s living room”, because the smell of cannabis is so strong.

Like Quebec, Canada and several American states, New York State allows pot smokers. This means that in a park (Corona park) very close to the stadium, people let themselves go.

And inevitably, the smell makes its way onto the field, which is renowned in the business for smelling like this.

In other words, there’s not much we can do about it. And even if Maria Sakkari, an important player, tells the referee about it, what do you expect him to do? Let the referee come into the public park to say “hello” to the merrymakers? That would be comical, though.

So we have to live with it, but I’m sure it doesn’t make the tournament organizers very happy. After all, having players complain about the smell doesn’t make for a good reputation.

I’m also thinking of the families in New York who read this and think that maybe this isn’t the right court to introduce tennis to their little one because of the court’s “neighbors”. After all, the court’s reputation goes a long way.

But at least New Yorkers can take comfort in the fact that Cotton Eyed Joe doesn’t play there when there’s action on the court…

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