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PLD: Tony Marinaro is disgusted that he “pissed in his ears” in Montreal
Earlier this summer, Pierre-Luc Dubois was the hot topic in the NHL. The forward, who was desperate to leave Winnipeg, was at the heart of trade rumours, and since his interest in the CH was public, he was obviously the hot name in the metropolis.

In the end, it was in sunny Los Angeles that he continued his career, having been traded to the Kings and signed to an eight-year contract.

This was obviously disappointing for Canadiens fans, who had been hoping to see a Quebec star come to town. And it didn’t help that his clan had previously stated publicly that he wanted to come to Montreal.

Now, Tony Marinaro is among those who doubt the legitimacy of Dubois’ interest in the CH. In fact, the BPM Sports columnist is disgusted that PLD and his clan have done nothing but “piss in the ears” in Montreal, as he was in full force this lunchtime on Quebec sports radio.

Clearly, he doesn’t sound like a guy who thinks the Québécois has ever had any real interest in Montreal.

Marinaro says he’s convinced Dubois never wanted to play in Montreal, and that he was just using the CH to give himself leverage. And with the city’s emotional fan base, he didn’t like seeing the forward use this strategy.

He’s not the first to do so, we agree.

And Marinaro doesn’t necessarily blame him for preferring Los Angeles: the weather’s a lot nicer and the pressure’s a lot less intense. But in the end, it’s the process that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

Frankly, I get the impression that he’s not the only one to blame Dubois for something like this. We know that this was one of the fears of Montreal fans when the Dubois affair first began, and once again, a Quebec player has used Montreal to get himself a nice contract elsewhere.

Was Dubois really open to playing in Montreal? We’ll probably never know, but it’s safe to assume that he wasn’t.

In the end, it’s a shame for fans, but Kent Hughes didn’t get caught up in the game by overpaying for a guy who, in the end, used his local market to fetch big money elsewhere.

That’s the harsh reality of the NHL.

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