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Despite his disgusting actions, Bill Peters becomes head coach in the WHL
Do you remember the Bill Peters story? If not, let me refresh your memory.

In 2019, severe allegations were made against him. It was learned that he had made racist remarks against one of his players, Akim Aliu…

And we also learned from Michal Jordan (the field hockey player, not the basketball player) that Peters hit his players .

Wow. Not strong, chief, as Alain Chantelois would say.

At the time, Peters was working for the Flames organization as head coach. Understandably, when his behavior became public knowledge, it wasn’t long before he was out of a job…

He decided to leave the Flames at the end of November in 2019. He quickly realized that he was no longer wanted in Alberta because the organization distanced him from its players as soon as the allegations against him came to light.

I think we can all agree that he no longer belongs in a field hockey room, and I think we can all agree that he doesn’t deserve the opportunity to coach in the field hockey world again, whether it’s at the professional level or not.

That said… The management of the Lethbridge Hurricanes seem to think otherwise, because today we learn that Peters is becoming the club’s WHL head coach.

What’s the big deal?

I find this hard to believe, for real.

It’s August 30… And yet, you’d think it was April 1.

How can an organization trust a guy who didn’t hesitate before making racist comments and who had the nerve to hit his players?

What’s more, we’re talking about a junior club with players aged 16 to 20.

Christie is a fine example for these kids, I must admit…

And that’s not even the worst of it. Akim Aliu tweeted earlier today that Peters had tried to apologize to him… But he didn’t even have the balls to do it himself. He had his message passed on by an NHL head coach so he wouldn’t have to confront his former player…

It’s beyond me, seriously.

It breaks my heart because it’s the image of the sport that takes a hit.

And let’s just say that field hockey’s image isn’t necessarily superb after all the stories of assaults and initiations that have come to light in the last year and a half.


– That much?

– Seen the same.

– Encore?

– Whoa!

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