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David Reinbacher recalled: a big month ahead for hope
When the Habs decided to draft David Reinbacher over Matvei Michkov, a lot of people hated him. In the end, it was the defenseman who got the brunt of it, with some nasty comments.

There was a lot of back-and-forth the following week.

Of course, we know that the Habs have done their homework, and I’m thinking that if Mathias Brunet was able to learn that the Russian is aggressive towards his team-mates, everyone at the CH could know it.

At the Flyers too, but it may not have the same value in their criteria.

In fact, we’re likely to find out a little more over the next few days. But why? Because tomorrow, the Canadiens will take us behind the scenes of the 2023 draft.

It’s a Habs documentary, which means it’ll be to the club’s advantage, obviously, but we’ll still hear people talk about what led the club to choose Reinbacher.

All this to say that Reinbacher is the CH’s best blue-line prospect (you may think it’s Lane Hutson, but I think it’s the European) and one of the CH’s best prospects in general.

The result? His development is important for the club.

The decision was made to send him to play in Europe this year, to continue his development in Switzerland in an environment he knows well and is used to.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t see him at the Canadian’s next training camp. And now he’s been officially called up by the CH for the camp, which begins in the next few weeks.

We note that Cap Friendly says his loan is turning into a move to the NHL. And it’s true that, as part of his entry-level contract, he’s officially on loan in Europe to play.

But anyway. All this means is that the player is on his way to Montreal, as previously planned, to take part in his first training camp with an NHL team.

And that’s important. After all, before he shows up at the CH camp, he’ll have a lot of work to do at the rookie camp.

I imagine a lot of people on the Habs are hoping to see him dominate against youngsters around his age… and that’s what I want to see too. In my eyes, this will be his first real test.

After that, it’s off to training camp, where he logically can’t carve out a place in the lineup because the club’s defensive congestion is so great right now.

But in my eyes, his performance is still one to watch at camp.

Every time a prospect doesn’t play in the NHL or the AHL, a club entrusts the development of its youngster to another team. I’m not saying it’s systematically bad, of course, but it’s a potential fear.

Especially for young KHL players… #MatveiMichkov

All this to say that every opportunity to properly evaluate a top prospect is a chance not to be missed. And if Reinbacher does well at camp, a lot of people will remember that.

So yes, the next month is important for him. And if he holds his own against NHL players during training camp and in some of the preparatory games, it’ll be a good dose of confidence for him… and hope for the fans.

In gusts

– We agree.

– I smell field hockey.

– Who does the CH often dance with?

– Elliot Desnoyers, close to the NHL? [98.5 FM]

– Ouch.

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