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Au coeur du vestiaire, tome 2: an autumn release

Last year, Mathias Brunet and Pierre Gervais caused quite a stir with the publication of their book “Au coeur du vestiaire”. In it, the former equipment manager told us many behind-the-scenes stories about the Canadiens.

It caused a bit more of a stir than expected, as history will recall that the book’s juicier bits caused quite a bit of public controversy.

That said, both men enjoyed the experience, and now the author, who is also a journalist with La Presse, has confirmed that a sequel to the book is imminent. How soon?

To the point where the second volume will be released this autumn. That’s what the journalist announced publicly on his social networks this morning.

(Credit: Facebook)

Note that this is the kind of concept where a sequel is possible. After all, we’re talking about a book full of anectodes, and as long as there’s good juice, it’s possible to write the sequel.

And clearly, the two men felt they had the material to go ahead.

It’s worth noting that we had heard through the grapevine that Mathias was writing a book. So we contacted him for more information on the subject.

This led to his posting on social networks, and he subsequently replied to our messages with the following:

We can’t hide anything from you. The writing is almost done, by the way. Pierre still had a lot in his memory box after all! I would never have repeated the experience if I hadn’t been convinced that there was still so much material to tell! – Mathias Brunet

Let’s not forget that, with all the attention paid to the first book, it certainly paid off for both men. And even though the former Canadiens employee was roundly criticized in the public arena.

One wonders whether the anecdotes will be of the same order, or whether Gervais has decided to go less far. Perhaps, on the contrary, he has decided to go further in what he has to say. We’ll see.

But clearly, some people connected with the Canadiens must be stressed right now.

I can’t wait to read the book. I enjoyed reading the first volume, and I’d like to think that the second will be a version in the same spirit, that is, to tell us more about Pierre Gervais’s life with the Habs and some of the players.


Last year, the book was also released in autumn. The field hockey season had been underway for a few weeks and many people added the book to their Christmas list.

Will it be the same this year? Will it be sooner, to take advantage of the buzz of field hockey’ s return in October?

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