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Matvei Michkov is said to be unpleasant and aggressive with his teammates

Flyers fans are very happy with the selection of Matvei Michkov, and don’t mind sarcastically thanking the Habs for drafting David Reinbacher earlier this summer. After all, Philadelphia has a gem on its hands, and all that’s left is to polish it.

While their optimism is understandable, we know full well that, for one reason or another, more than one team passed over the forward who was considered (consensus) the second-best prospect in the draft. And we don’t do this for nothing.

Mathias Brunet, who seems well-informed on the subject, offered us another clue today – a rather concrete one this time – as to what might have seriously bothered the teams that decided not to select him.

During his appearance on Martin Lemay’s show on BPM Sports, the La Presse columnist spoke of a highly unpleasant and aggressive character towards his team-mates in Russia.

“Is he going to be sharp? Will he continue to kick his teammates when they’re in the legs in the locker room? Will he crook his teammates’ legs at practice? Will he ram his stick into his goalie’s chest at practice?”

-Mathias Brunet

Brunet points out that it’s players who are close to Michkov who have testified to this behaviour. It’s not known, but “he knows”.

All this adds up to a long list of allegations and speculations all revolving around inappropriate and self-centered behavior, on the rink and around his teams.

You know what they say about smoke and fire? Well, this is it.

Of course, Michkov is still young and not fully mature. But one has to sincerely question whether an 18-year-old playing at the professional level would resort to such actions despite a talent clearly superior to others.

“His first three preparatory games, it’s 5 minutes of play, 3 minutes of play, scratched from the line-up…”

Talk about a preparatory schedule, but it’s still questionable.

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