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Jonathan Drouin turned down better offers to sign for Colorado

For several years now, we’ve known that Jonathan Drouin wasn’t going to sign his next contract with the Canadiens. For his own good, getting out of Montreal was the most important thing in order to get a change of scenery.

In the end, he exchanged the pressure of the media for the atmospheric pressure of Denver.

I don’t know how happy the Avalanche will be with their investment, but at the price he’s paid (less than a million dollars), it’s really not a big risk.

Obviously, the presence of the excellent Nathan MacKinnon in Denver has helped, and we suspect that this is one of the reasons why the Quebecer decided to sign in Patrick Roy’s former kingdom.

But does that mean this was his only opportunity? The answer is no.

According to Anthony Martineau, who attended Drouin’s golf tournament, Drouin turned down more enticing offers to sign with the Colorado Avalanche.

Whether it’s money or time, Drouin did well to prioritize location over other conditions. After all, he needs to build up his confidence to become the player he can be again.

And if he feels that Colorado is the place to do it, so be it. Either way, we know that if his gamble works out, he’ll have better offers on the table next summer.

A great season would open doors for him.

After all, we know that in the worst of all possible worlds, it doesn’t work out, and he’s no pushover for his team. And in the best of all possible worlds… he’s reunited with his partner from his Halifax Mooseheads days.

If he’s in the right environment, you’d think he’d be able to progress. He’ll never become the player he was supposed to be at 18, but if he plays well, his career isn’t over.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in his case.

In brief

– That explains Michael Scott’s love of field hockey.

– I look forward to following the rest of his career.

– Ouch.

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