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Drouin: Even in Colorado, he will continue his commitment to CHUM
In 2017, when he was acquired by the Montreal Canadiens, Jonathan Drouin decided to get involved with the community by announcing a partnership with the Fondation du CHUM.

At the time, he pledged $500,000 of his own money over a ten-year period… And as of March 31, 2022, Jo had (already) donated over $300,000 to the foundation in question.

We’ve known for a few weeks now: the Quebecer will continue his career in Colorado after agreeing to the terms of a one-season contract with the Avalanche. But that doesn’t mean he’s ending his partnership with the Fondation du CHUM – on the contrary.

Allan Walsh, Drouin’s agent, reiterated on Twitter that his client wants to make a difference “by raising millions of dollars for the hospital” and that he will continue to work hand in hand with the foundation:

I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it. I have so much respect for athletes who take the time to put in the effort to help a community.

These are gestures that deserve the attention of the fans. In Jonathan’s case, it just goes to show that his heart is in the right place. And I’m not saying that to kiss my ass. It’s simply true.

Meeting him at his golf tournament this morning, Drouin said out loud what everyone else was thinking. He knows that his stay in Montreal has been fraught with difficulties, and he knows that he hasn’t lived up to expectations.

But as Jean-François Chaumont of Le Journal de MontrĂ©al wrote, that’s all behind him now:

I forgot about the Canadiens as soon as I signed my contract. I spent six seasons with the CH. There’s no point in looking back. – Jonathan Drouin

So much the better, if he feels his heart is light, and so much the better, if he feels that ending up in Colorado has the potential to revive his career. Even though he’s been the focus of a lot of criticism around town, we have to wish him all the best for the future.

I often see comments aimed at denigrating him, and that’s beyond me. No, he never became the player we thought he was going to be. Is this the end of the world? Does he deserve all the insults that have been hurled at him since he started wearing the Habs uniform? Does that make him a bad person off the ice?

I’ll let you answer these three questions… Three questions that have (or should have) the same answer.

In a gust

– They’re still important.

– It’s now official. There will be a PWHL team in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Ottawa, Minnesota and Boston.

– The music is just perfect.

– We’ve had an eventful summer.

– Solid.

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