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Norman Flynn didn’t know Jeff Petry had been traded to the Red Wings

Monsieur le curé, I must confess: I love Norman Flynn.

In fact, I don’t love him, I adore him. He fascinates me.

In 2023, most of the speakers in our media are more beige than my old sofa bed in the basement. And God knows it’s beige, my old sofa-bed!

If the whole province thinks the answer to the latest Clan Wars poll is blue, but he thinks it’s red, he’ll say red. No matter what the consequences.

This noon, he began his weekly column on BPM Sports by launching – for the first time in the 3rd generation of the Laraque – Gonzalez flagship show – a few cracks at Gonzo and Georges Laraque in particular .

Click HERE to listen to the intro to his segment of the day.

Afterwards, Norm said he didn’t have much faith in Alex Newhook’s offensive potential, but admitted he loved the Coloradian signing of Jonathan Drouin(who could be a godsend for the Avalanche)…

And in the last minute of his speech, he showed just how different he’ll always be from the rest.

How different? By mentioning that we need to be patient with “the problem” Jeff Petry… who, in his opinion, will be gone soon enough.

“We’ll probably hear before the season starts that he’s going somewhere else. Or during training camp. I doubt he’ll even play a regular season game with Montreal. That’s my thought […] it’s just in the meantime […] it just remains to be seen where Petry will end up before the start of the year.”Norman Flynn

How do I put this, Norm ?

Jeff Petry was traded on August 15 for Gustav Lindstrom and a conditional 4th-round pick.

And do you know what, Norm? Kent Hughes even kept 50% of Jeff Petry’s salary and cap hit. $2.34 million a year for 2 more seasons

Seriously, I love the silence at 14m20. Stéphane Gonzalez trying not to pick up too much Norman while rectifying the facts.

Norm, I love you… for your good and not-so-good moves!


I can believe it’s summer and Norman was probably on vacation, but there’s a fine line between not knowing that Fernando Pisani has been hired by the Habs as a scout… and not knowing that Jeff Petry has gone to join his father Dan in Detroit, Michigan, where he’s originally from.

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