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Logan Mailloux: no official NHL confirmation yet, says Jonathan Bernier

Logan Mailloux is one of the most recognized prospects in Montreal, but he’s also one of the most recognized prospects across the NHL.

After all, everyone knows his name throughout the league, for obvious reasons. His past is affecting his image right now, and even though he was one of the OHL’s top defensemen last year, some still doubt his future in the Bettman circuit.

On this subject, we know that the youngster had to have the authorization of the league’s commissioner in order to play in the NHL. That said…

Renaud Lavoie tweeted, a few days ago, that the principal interested party has “received the green light” to play in the big league when he’s ready to make the leap “to the big leagues”:

We were thinking at the time that this was excellent news. As much for the fans as for the organization and the main interested party.

But then…

The rhetoric seems to have changed. In fact, Jonathan Bernier of the Journal de Montréal went in a completely different direction, stating the opposite in an article published earlier today:

The Habs have yet to receive official confirmation from the NHL regarding the absolution Gary Bettman offered Logan Mailloux to allow him to play in the NHL. – Jonathan Bernier

Quite intriguing, thank you.

Is it just a matter of official confirmation? Will Gary Bettman actually give Mailloux the green light, without necessarily telling the CH that he “officially” has the right to play in the NHL? Will he give said official confirmation to the CH when Mailloux is called up to play in the NHL?

It’s all very questionable.

The matter, which has been dragging on for a long time, continues to be the talk of the town. We really thought the file was closed, and it was even said that Mailloux would be able to turn the page and concentrate on field hockey…

Because it would be cool to know what’s really going on.

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