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Fight between NFL fans: two people stabbed

Sometimes, in the world of sport, tempers flare. But why? Because sport attracts passionate people, and sometimes it’s passion that gets the better of things.

But sometimes it just goes too far.

That’s exactly what happened Friday night in an American restaurant. Fans of the NFL’s 49ers and Raiders got into a fight for an unidentified reason.

And it escalated to the point where not only was there fighting, but two people were seen being stabbed in the fight. This was reported by TVA Sports this morning.

In the videos available, we can see that a man who no longer had his jersey on at the time of the attack. He was the most savagely attacked during the altercation.

Another person was hit by the object in question. So, in the end, two people were attacked.

The good news is that the two people are not in any danger to their lives. It’s an outcome that is, at least, good to know. If there had been a murder, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

But the bad news is that we don’t know what caused it. People who weren’t involved in the altercation were probably frightened when they saw the whole thing.

Hard to feel safe afterwards, isn’t it?

As for feeling even less safe, the man who stabbed the victims has not been found, and we don’t know if the police will be able to track him down. He could, of course, get away with it.

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