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25 of the 50 CH contracts belong to players aged 23 and under
Over the past decade, the Montreal Canadiens have never been known as a young team with a lot of potential within its organization.

On the contrary, the CH often relied on a team of good veterans surrounded by perhaps three or four youngsters, but nothing more.

It was very rare for a young prospect to make it to the NHL, and for his development to go as smoothly as hoped.

In general, we were more often disappointed by the turn of events with a prospect than anything else.

However, things seem to have changed, or at least we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Over the past few years, and especially recently, the Tricolore has been stocking up on excellent youngsters aged 23 and under.

So, for the first time in a long time, the CH has a panoply of young players with NHL potential who will all develop at the same time, whether with the Bleu Blanc Rouge or in Laval with the Rocket.

To be even more precise, as Marco D’Amico reported yesterday, 25 of the 50 contracts with the Habs belong to players aged 23 and under.

That’s half of the team’s contracts representing young players with a future for the club.

That’s a lot.

These youngsters, aged 23 and under, are generally known to us, and will continue to develop next season, whether in the NHL or the AHL.

This leaves the CH with the luxury of having to find a way to give all these youngsters the chance to develop at the same time.

It’s a big task that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have set themselves, but it’s one they’re confident in.

They’re confident that this weighty task will pay off for the team in the end.

Of course, no one expects all 25 of these 23-and-under players to reach their potential and become NHL players – quite the contrary.

But having so many young players on the roster at the same time makes things very exciting for CH fans to follow, and especially encouraging for the future.

It’s not for nothing that Habs fans are generally excited about the upcoming season, despite the fact that the team is expected to lose more games than it wins and miss the playoffs for the third season in a row.

People are looking forward to seeing the young players develop and perform with the team, whether in Montreal or Laval.

Fans will be able to follow two young teams made up of players with great potential, something that hasn’t happened for a long time in Montreal.

We were used to two veteran teams where youngsters could hardly make their mark, which made things rather unexciting.

What people want to see are young players.

In short, there’s going to be some great in-house competition this year in both Montreal and Laval, as all the youngsters want to show that they’re progressing and that they deserve their place in the Montreal Canadiens project.

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