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Yevgeni Volokhin: CH prospect dominates Russian preparatory calendar
At the last draft, the Canadiens decided to replenish their bank of prospects in front of the net. In addition to drafting one of the most coveted goaltenders of the year in Jacob Fowler, the club also selected Quentin Miller and Yevgeni Volokhin in the hope that their future starting goaltender would make the cut.

I’m not the biggest fan of going for quality over quantity when every pick is important to the club, but hey.

We know Fowler and Miller a little better because they both play in North America, but Volokhin is also an interesting prospect. Last year, he dominated the MHL (which is a bit like the KHL’s junior circuit) with a 2.12 goals-against average and 0.927 save percentage, so the CH took a chance.

And clearly, Volokhin looks to be in fine form again this year, as the 18-year-old Russian has dominated the MHL’s preparatory schedule so far. He has won all six of his starts, notching a shutout in three of them.

Volokhin has a good defense in front of him in the Mamonty Yugry club, but he’s still able to stand up when his defense needs him.

In these two sequences, for example, he made some fine saves in the face of good scoring chances.

On the first, he made a magnificent move for a difficult save, while on the second, he remained calm despite the opposing player’s breakaway and was able to protect his net.

Obviously, a good preseason doesn’t make a good season, but the fact that he seems to be confident in front of his net and that the results are there so far are two encouraging signs.

Even so, don’t expect to see him make the leap to North America any time soon. He’ll spend the season in the MHL and may spend a few years in Russia before making his way to North America, where he may also make a stop in Laval before a possible promotion to Montreal.

But we agree that all this is still a long way off. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to see him spend a few years in Russia, where he should get his fair share of playing time. At least, he’ll get more than he would in Laval this year, we agree.

We’ll be following his progress as the season progresses, but Volokhin is clearly in great shape during this preparatory schedule. Let’s hope this augurs well for an excellent season in Montreal.

In gusto

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