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Field hockey Canada sues insurance companies that don’t want to pay

For over a year, Hockey Canada has been in the news almost exclusively for the wrong reasons. We’ve heard a lot about the sex scandal involving the Canadian junior team in 2018, but it doesn’t stop there.

Management may have changed, but the fact remains that many partners have jumped ship.

And beyond this scandal, there’s also the one linked to initiations across the country’s three junior leagues. Dan Carcillo was one of those who brought the story to light, and after seeing his class-action request denied, several former players took legal action.

Today, we learn that another piece of bad news has hit the organization: it, like the CHL, is suing insurance companies because they don’t want to pay expenses related to certain periods of time.

Rick Westhead revealed this today.

What you need to know is that there are currently two lawsuits pending in this story. The first is against AIG Insurance Company of Canada and TIG Insurance Company, while the second is against Lloyd’s of London, a group that includes a number of companies.

According to Hockey Canada, the fact that it has had agreements with the first two groups since 1998, and with the latter since 2014, means that they should help pay the bill, given that the lawsuits arose after their contracts came into force. On the other hand, the companies wouldn’t want to pay for events that occurred before their contracts came into force.

This means that for lawsuits involving events that occurred in the early 1990s, for example, Hockey Canada would not have access to insurance money.

And in fact, these two lawsuits against insurance companies are important to Hockey Canada. If they don’t succeed, the organization would have a hard time paying out in the event of losing several cases in court.

Their frustration at not being able to rely on insurance is understandable, given that they pay top dollar for it, but at the same time, it’s hard to have much sympathy for Hockey Canada these days…

We’ll see what comes of these lawsuits, but once again, Hockey Canada is the talk of the town for reasons that have nothing to do with the product on the ice. And that’s a shame.

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