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Field hockey Canada scandal: “a matter of days” before charges?

If there’s one issue that’s dragging on, it’s Hockey Canada and the 2018 sex scandal.

In mid-July, we wrote that the scandal should soon be affecting players in the NHLand obviously, “we” had the elastic soon a bit since nothing has happened yet.

Then, at the beginning of the month, there was talk of five heavy suspensions to be handed out shortly. But once again, we’re obviously still in the period covered by the “soon” in question.

In the end, it’s clear that the NHL really wants to try and find the right approach to doing things the right way. And when I say the right way, I mean from the point of view of the guys who are in trouble, obviously.

But that makes the case drag on.

The result? Right now, everyone’s wondering what’s dragging on more than anything else. This puts the spotlight on the scandal even more, and we’ll be talking about it for even longer.

The feeling I get is that the Commissioner is waiting until the summer season is behind us and the action has resumed at training camps across America.

So the scandal wouldn’t be the only field hockey news.

It does, however, mean that trendy journalists like Martin Leclerc are reaching out to their contacts to try and get information on the whole story.

Yesterday, the Radio-Canada journalist, who will not be back on BPM Sports radio this year, wrote an excellent piece on the subject.

The journalist recalls that in June, Bill Daly reiterated that the investigation on the subject was complete. It’s unclear whether NHL executives received a prompt report afterwards.

But if they did, let’s just say they’re in no hurry to share the fruits of the investigation.

Should the NHL choose to perpetuate its silence, training camps will get underway in a few weeks’ time as if nothing had happened. – Martin Leclerc

According to Martin Leclerc’s sources, who recall that the case always moved forward more quickly when there was public pressure, police sources in Quebec mentioned that it was only a matter of days before charges were laid.

But then again, when you look at the timeline of recent months, “a matter of days” can become weeks.

And it’s true, as the journalist mentions, that Canadians’ confidence in the justice system is “seriously shaken” by everything that’s going on right now.

While we suspect that the teams know what’s in the report, and that decisions were made accordingly this summer, we’re going to agree that after years of investigation and months of waiting, it’s time for justice to do its job. What’s going on goes beyond field hockey.

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