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A World Cup in February 2025… And a return to the Olympic Games in 2026?

It’s been almost ten years since NHL players last competed in the Olympics. The last time was in Sochi, in 2014…

And the absence of a World Cup means that NHL players are virtually non-existent on the international stage. Some players are called upon to defend their country’s colors at the annual IIHF World Championship…

But that’s all. Not all players have the chance to participate, by the way, because the tournament is usually held during the Bettman Circuit playoffs.

The players are frustrated. There’s frustration because representing your country at the international level is an honor for most guys.

Following the final of the World Baseball Classic, which featured the world’s two best ballplayers in Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, Connor McDavid had a cry from the heart to the NHL, saying that planet field hockey needs events like this to grow the sport:

And everyone will agree with the Edmonton Oilers captain’s comments.

That said, McDavid’s comments may have prompted Gary Bettman and the NHL to organize a new international competition.

The league’s deputy commissioner, Bill Daly, confessed that this was in the works… And that a “World Cup-style” tournament could be held in February 2025, right in the middle of the season.

If there is a tournament, here’s what it would look like for the league’s players:

If we do a tournament in 2025, then we’d have the 2026 Olympics, a World Cup in 2028, the Games in 2030 and so on. That’s the goal. – Bill Daly

It’s news that will put a smile on the face of many NHL players… But it’s also news that will put a smile on the face of many fans around the world.

Because in reality, there’s nothing better at the “competition level” than seeing the world’s best players go head-to-head in a competition of some kind. I’m already salivating at the thought of settling down in front of my TV with my popcorn to prepare for a Canada vs USA clash…

And it would also be good for the league’s image, as it tries to find better ways of increasing the popularity of field hockey around the world.

It’s not done yet, and there’s been no confirmation that we’re going to go ahead with these great projects. That said…

It’s already a step in the right direction.

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