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BPM Sports: Tony Marinaro to collaborate on Laraque and Gonzalez show
This morning, BPM Sports unveiled its schedule for the upcoming radio season. This was done while other stations have already been broadcasting for at least a week.

Here’s what it will look like from next Monday.

As announced earlier this month, Paul Houde and Gilbert Delorme will be present in the mornings, from 6am to 9am. Max Lalonde, who can be heard this summer, will be on from 9 a.m. to noon. The programs are called Le club du matin and Les gérants d’estrade.

After that, Laraque et Gonzalez (with, of course, Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez) returns from noon to 3pm. Martin Lemay (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) will once again be at the helm of Retour des sportifs in the comeback show .

From 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Max Van Houtte will host La zone des poolers, a show about pools. And finally, Jordan Boivin will be back until 9 p.m. in La tribune capitale.

Note that nothing has been announced for the weekend, and that numerous live broadcasts (including CF Montreal and the Laval Rocket) will also be back on the schedule.

In addition to all this, there are a number of new contributors. Renaud Lavoie, Réjean Tremblay and Ray Lalonde will appear on the morning show .

At lunchtime, Tony Marinaro will be present. The man who was with Jean-Charles Lajoie in the mornings last year is now in a different place on the schedule… and it’s no surprise to see him with Georges Laraque, one of his collaborators on the Sick Podcast.

For the evening, the station has announced that Mathias Brunet, Bob Hartley, Martin Biron, André Tourigny, Steve Bégin and other contributors will be on hand with Martin Lemay.

It should be similar to what we’ve seen in recent years.

Note that Martin Leclerc’s name is missing. Is this an oversight? Will he be a surprise? Will he not be returning to the station as a contributor? We don’t know.

But in the comments, people are asking questions.

There are also questions about Maxime Truman, Ben Roger and Maxime Van Houtte. The former will no longer be hosting alongside Georges Laraque this fall.

This had been announced in recent weeks, but his good work has not gone unnoticed by listeners.

Ben Roger, meanwhile, will be back from noon to 6pm on both Laraque and Gonzalez’s shows in addition to Martin Lemay’s. He wasn’t named in the press release, but he’ll be there.

However, he will no longer be with Gilbert Delorme.

In the case of Maxime Van Houtte, it should be noted that the voice of soccer at BPM Sports has his role to play in connection with CF Montreal matches and 30 minutes a day on air. As for the rest, we’ll see.

Many people would like to see more of him. We can understand them.

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