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Dave Morissette: he’s been thinking about doing something else for the past two years

In recent months, Dave Morissette’s presence on TVA Sports has diminished. He used to have a show every night, but suddenly his airtime has dropped drastically.

Then, finally, we learned that he was going to continue working full-time on radio.

Does this mean we won’t be seeing him in the sports world? No, it doesn’t mean that. After all, we also know that he’ll be on TVA Sports on Saturday evenings.

At least, those of you who have read our article on the subject will know that.

All this to say that one could well and truly wonder what had happened in the case of Morissette, who was well loved by the people. According to Réjean Tremblay, he got the boot.

In a recent interview with Daniel Daignault on Le 7 jours, the man himself gave his side of the story.

The former field hockey player recounts how his boss (a friend, he says) came into his office to tell him, just before Christmas, that it might be better to move on and that his daily show was going to disappear.

Was it a shock? The answer is yes.

Having said that, even if it confirms Réjean Tremblay’s thesis and slightly frightened the main interested party, Morissette rolled up his sleeves and succeeded in renewing himself elsewhere than in sport – something he knew he was capable of doing.

Deep down, he knew his show had done the trick, and he felt ready to do something else.

To be honest, I’d been thinking for two years that maybe it was time to do something else. – Dave Morissette

It’s true that after a decade in the same job, a change of scenery can be refreshing. He’s keeping some of his experience as a Saturday night sports guy (for three years), but the bulk of his work is at Rythme FM with Julie Houle.

So he feels the challenge has come at just the right time for him.

From what we understand of his interview with 7 jours, which I’ll leave here again, he seems quite serene about the way it all went down, and about what’s to come. And with a job in the business and coming out of a chair he’d been in for a long time, you’d think that’s true.

Let’s also note that, with his family life going well, it helps a man to be serene, doesn’t it?

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