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EA Sports: the desire for French field hockey voices is alive and well
The gamers in the room who play the NHL game are used to playing with the English voice to describe and analyze matches.

Speaking of which, Ray Ferraro will no longer be the game’s analyst. He has been replaced by Montrealer Cheryl Pounder for the next edition, due out in less than two months.

But Montrealaise or not, it’s still going to be in English.

I know that for many people, this isn’t a problem. That even though many people (in Quebec and elsewhere in the French-speaking world) prefer to communicate in French, they understand English.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have commentators who speak the language of Molière?

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people watch field hockey in French instead of English is a good indication that it would be nice to have a French version.

But does that mean it’s imminent?

Michel Laprise, who works for RDS, asked a high-ranking official at EA Sports, producer David Pritchett. And he didn’t close the door on the possibility of French voices during the game’s matches.

Since FIFA has French-language versions, it’s understandable that this isn’t exactly a mission impossible for EA Sports – especially considering the popularity of field hockey in Quebec compared to soccer.

If the game can add a Mark Scheifele-style hit on Jake Evans, it can add voices, right?

I don’t know to what extent, though, even if influential people say they’re thinking of incorporating French into the game featuring Cale Makar on the cover, it’s going to happen.

After all, the game needs improvements every year (offline play in particular will not be touched this year) and the plan to promote French in the game may not be a priority.

Michel Laprise is the first to say that when he asked his questions about French, he sensed that his interlocutor (David Pritchett) was hesitant and didn’t want to put his foot down.

If EA Sports feels that it won’t help the game’s sales considerably, it’s possible that the fine promises will remain nothing more than empty projects, in the end. It’s like an election promise.

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