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Arriving in Boston wearing a Nick Suzuki jersey: the recipe for booing
Montreal Canadiens pride has always been the talk of the town.

These days, for example, it’s easy to believe that the Habs are content to be just another team. With the club’s many years of misery, the debate is a hot topic.

But despite the club’s failings, the majority of Quebecers are happy to say they’re Flanelle fans. This is particularly true of Michaël Dufort, a fighter.

What do you mean by that?

Because the Quebecer, who will fight on September 23 in Massachusetts, decided to enrage the local crowd a little as he was publicly introduced on the sidelines of a press conference to present the fight.

How did he do it? By wearing a Nick Suzuki jersey… and really wanting to enrage the crowd there. He clearly wants to be the villain of the piece, as seen on Habs Fan TV.

Of course, the Quebec native knew full well he’d get a reaction. After all, the Boston crowd doesn’t exactly love the Montreal Canadiens.

And the feeling’s mutual.

The man nicknamed “The Canadian Badass” – I love that nickname, by the way – will also be fighting an American. We’re talking about Joe Giannetti.

They will headline the evening of September 23.

For those unfamiliar with Dufort, note that he has an 11-4-0 record. He has two wins by knockout and eight by submission. However, he’s 1-4 when it comes to the judges’ decision.

He has never been knocked out, as all his losses have been by decision.

His last fight was on April 22 and his last defeat in November 2021. He’s only lost one fight since 2019, in fact. He’s off to a good start.

It remains to be seen whether he’ll have the upper hand in a month’s time.

In bursts

– Obviously.

– Well done.

– But the Super Bowl isn’t in Canada…

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