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Jeff Petry in Detroit: his wife Julie and Angela Price are delighted with the deal
When Carey Price and Jeff Petry played in Montreal, the two guys became good friends. The two families grew closer, and Julie Petry and Angela Price became good friends.

They even launched a women’s NHL jersey company together.

Of course, over the past year, they’ve seen less of each other. After all, the Petrys spent the year in Pennsylvania and the Prices were still in Montreal, even though Carey was no longer playing.

But with yesterday’s deal, which sent Jeff Petry to the Red Wings after ten days with the Habs, both families will be living where they used to spend their off-seasons: Michigan (Petry) and British Columbia (Price).

Angela Price knows exactly what her friend is going through right now. Seeing Kent Hughes do the Petrys a favor obviously made Angela happy.

On Instagram, she posted a story to mention how happy she was to see it happen. “Is this the coolest story ever?” wrote Angela of the news.

(Credit: Instagram)

But what we were most looking forward to was seeing how Julie Petry would react.

Jeff’s wife, who has a habit of posting a lot on social networks (and who is behind her husband’s transaction request), had yet to comment on the family’s Pittsburgh departure.

She hasn’t yet, though. On the other hand, she has commented, in her storys, on seeing her husband being traded to his hometown and taking the number his father made famous in Detroit, 46.

And clearly, she’s happy.

I can’t stop crying tears of joy. – Julie Petry

In addition to sharing the news, she talked about Jeff taking his dad’s number and shared a video of Dan Petry in which we see him talking about how proud he is to see him play in Detroit.

The father, who’s known for a few days that this was going to happen, has every reason in the world to be happy, indeed. And seeing how it makes the CH speak well of the human aspect, it’s clear that the return of Kent Hughes goes beyond the transaction itself.

In bursts

– Nothing less.

– That’s a lot.

– Can’t wait to see.

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– It’s almost as if a good player helps.

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