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Canadian: Bell Sports Complex in Brossard changes name

The Montreal Canadiens have been training in a complex in Brossard for years. It’s close to many of the players’ homes (those living on the South Shore, at least) and it’s the CH’s home on days when there’s no game on the schedule.

There are, of course, other activities going on there, but it’s best known for hosting CH players.

But now the Bell Sports Complex has changed its name. The Habs have just announced that they’re now calling it the CN Sports Complex, which means that only the company that takes out the money is changing: the complex remains the same.

Those who used to call it the Complexe sportif de Brossard won’t have to change their habits, however.

The railway company has therefore put a fair amount of money on the table (I imagine, at least) to dislodge Bell, which has been a major partner of the Canadiens for years.

The Bell Centre is proof of that.

I’m sure a lot of people won’t like this change (out of habit, I suppose), but at least it’s not the Bell Centre that’s changing its name to the CN Centre.

That would be bigger news.

According to the CH press release, the fact that CN has been in Montreal for over 100 years – like the field hockey club – makes it a natural partner for what is being billed as a multi-year contract.

Money talks, but it can’t be written.


In the next few days, the Bell name will disappear from the Sports Complex. For those of you on channel 10, you’ll only have a few moments to see the Bell logo before it changes.

In a press release, the CH thanked Bell for its 15-year collaboration in Brossard.

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