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BPM Sports: Paul Houde wants his brother Pierre to work with him
Last week, the BPM Sports schedule for the upcoming radio season was announced. It confirmed that Paul Houde would be taking over the morning show, from 6am to 9am.

Gilbert Delorme will be working alongside Paul Houde, who has been hosting the weekend show on sports radio for the past year.

Will Gilbert Delorme have an important role alongside Paul Houde? Hopefully yes, as he’s been a popular favorite with the station’s listeners for years.

But in light of Katherine Harvey-Pinard’s (La Presse) article on the subject, it’s to be hoped that he won’t be just a collaborator.

Among the collaborators, listeners can expect to hear, among others, his accomplice of the last 17 years Kathrine Huet. There will also be Gilbert Delorme, “the inevitable one”. Ray Lalonde, whom he considers “like a brother”. And Réjean Tremblay, “another indestructible”. – Katherine Harvey-Pinard

Among the other contributors who could also be added to the morning show, there’s one name that piques curiosity on several levels: Pierre Houde.

Of course, Pierre Houde is Paul Houde’s brother and the voice of the Canadiens on RDS. That would make quite a duo to review Habs games or talk about F1, for example.

Pierre Houde was once a contributor to RNC radio. At 91.9 Sports, he wrote columns with LP Guy and Gilbert Delorme.

He also chatted with Stéphane Gonzalez, who returns to radio this year.

Hearing the two brothers together would certainly be a good reason to turn on the radio to listen to the morning show, which will be looking to boost its numbers after a more difficult year in the morning.

Paul Houde admits to putting a lot of pressure on himself to achieve this.

That said, it won’t be easy for him. After all, he didn’t necessarily want to go back to being a radio morning man , given that it’s not always easy to get up so early – especially in winter.

Why did he accept?

I wanted to give them a hand. – Paul Houde

But obviously, the 68-year-old is not a long-term solution for the morning slot. He plans to do two years to reach the 50 years of radio he often talks about, but in an ideal world, he wouldn’t necessarily do more.

He says he took several weeks (three, in fact) before accepting the offer on the table.

He’ll be 70 by the time his career reaches 50. Indeed, it’s safe to assume that he won’t be able/willing to get up in the middle of the night at some point in the future.

In other words, in two years’ time, the station will have to start all over again to find its morning man .

Will it have to find a long-term solution or not? After all, in a context where virtually everyone in the sports media is cutting back, thinking long-term isn’t always easy.

But hey. In the short term, we’ll see if Paul Houde can give the station what it needs. We’ll see in just under two weeks.

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