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Marc-Antoine Godin: he’ll be spending the next year with Radio-Canada
About two months ago, The Athletic announced a major wave of staff cuts. Among them were several top-quality journalists, the best-known in Montreal being Marc-Antoine Godin.

Since his departure, The Athletic no longer offers French-language content on the Habs.

So we wondered what the future held for Godin, who is one of the best journalists on the Habs beat. He has a ton of experience and his work is top-notch.

And the good news is that, despite the precarious situation many media outlets find themselves in, Godin has been able to land on his feet in a big way: he’ll be spending the next year covering the Habs for Radio-Canada.

He joins Alexandre Gascon and Martin Leclerc, who also cover field hockey for the public broadcaster.

It’s great news to see him back at work, because we’re talking about a guy with real expertise in the business. Those who have read him on The Athletic in recent years know that he often brings an interesting point of view to the table, and that his texts are well-crafted.

However, he won’t just be writing in his new job: Godin says we should be able to see him make a few TV and radio appearances. The general public will thus have more frequent access to his work, especially as it will no longer require a paid subscription as was the case for his texts with The Athletic.

I imagine we’ll see him signing several columns and participating in Radio-Canada’s Tellement field hockey podcast, where Gascon and Leclerc can be heard and read. But in any case, we’ll be seeing him cover the Habs again, and it’s the public that stands to gain.

In short, great news for one of the best journalists on the Tricolore beat. I wish him all the best in his new responsibilities.


There’s also good news from Edmonton, where a new sports radio station has just gone on the air: Sports 1440.

It will fill the void left by TSN 1260, which left the airwaves in a rather cavalier fashion in mid-June. Jason Gregor, who was one of the faces of TSN, will also be one of the faces of the new station.

It’s rare that good news comes out in the business, so we’re enjoying it while it lasts.

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