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David Reinbacher: encouraging signs in his first preparatory match

As we approach mid-August, field hockey is slowly starting to pick up around the world. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks before it starts up in earnest in North America, but in Europe, preparatory games are underway everywhere.

Matvei Michkov is one of the players who has been putting on a show for some time now at these exhibition matches.

But yesterday, it was the Canadian’s first-round pick’s turn on the scene, as David Reinbacher was in action with his club in Switzerland, EHC Kloten, against the Schwenninger Wild Wings, a German first division team.

He remains in the area to continue his preparation before heading to the CH’s real camp in a few weeks’ time.

And when he came on the scene, what stood out was that he had the opportunity to start the game on the team’s first pair of defensemen. As Grant McCagg notes, this is a good sign for his chances of playing a big role in Europe this year.

Because the AHL isn’t an option, it’s almost certain that he’ll spend next year in Switzerland.

In the end, Reinbacher didn’t get on the score sheet, but according to local Kloten media, Reinbacher was solid overall. Paired with captain Steve Kellenberger on the first pairing, he didn’t look bad at all.

Kellenberger is 36 years old, twice the age of the CH prospect. If the two continue to be paired, Reinbacher will have a partner with a ton of experience at his side.

Reinbacher helped his club to a 2-1 overtime win. Granted, that doesn’t mean much in a pre-season context, but what the heck.

EHC Kloten’s next match is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 15. After that, nothing is scheduled until August 25, so Reinbacher may play just one more preparatory match in Switzerland before heading to North America.

At least he’ll still have two games under his belt. It’ll give him a chance to break some rust, which is clearly not a bad thing.

In bursts

– That seems to have been the case for a while now.

– Oliver Kapanen also had a great chance to show off in Europe today. In addition to being on the first line and wearing an A, he scored a goal.

– I have a hard time seeing that mark ever being beaten.

– Wow.

– A beautiful moment in Toronto.

– He’s having quite a week, this one.

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