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QMJHL brawling ban: Milan Lucic disagrees
Veteran Milan Lucic knows how to get people talking.

The man who made his name in the NHL for his hard-hitting checking and brawling skills is back with the Boston Bruins, where it all began.

With the retirement of Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron, Lucic will take on the role of veteran and mentor, while still being physically involved, as he always has been.

Like Georges Laraque, Lucic is a proud defender of fights, of course.

Laraque often justifies his point by saying that players in junior are somehow preparing themselves to arrive in the NHL with the fights. It would also help reduce the number of dirty hits, because when a goon is waiting for you after every vicious hit, you think about it more than once.

Now Lucic has openly given his views, quite clearly, on banning fighting in the QMJHL.

On an Instagram post from the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast , announcing the news, Lucic commented a thumbs down.

(Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

While the majority of people who disagree with this new law are strongmen, many Internet users don’t like the news either.

Yesterday late afternoon, the Habs Fan TV page published this news on its social networks, and you can see the majority disagreement of the people who commented on the publication.

I invite you to have a look at the comments on the publication below.

Among the comments, we can still see some in favor of the new regulations.

They’re quite rare on this publication, but it’s worth mentioning because the point made makes a lot of sense. The user in question points out that the WHL and OHL should also comply.

This Internet user also made a good point, pointing out that in the USHL and NCAA, fighting is also forbidden, and that doesn’t stop them from being two of the best development leagues in field hockey.

Many good points are made on both sides, and it’s worth talking about.

What do you think of this rule? Will there be more vicious hits than before? Or conversely, will concussions and serious injuries decrease as a result of the ban on fighting?


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