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J.T. MILLER Miller hates certain media in Vancouver
Media pressure is as prevalent in the NHL as it is in any professional sport.

In field hockey, the Canadian media put a lot of pressure on the players, because it’s the national sport and we all care about it.

However, some journalists can put on a bit too much at times, and some players don’t take kindly to that.

J.T. Miller of the Vancouver Canucks is part of the group that isn’t very fond of certain media.

(Credit: Puck Report NHL)

“I try my best to stay out of it. It’s impossible to stay completely out of it-it just gets a little toxic.” – J.T. Miller

Miller had a field day, remaining polite despite a few bad words.

The point is, it’s not all of Vancouver’s media that’s the problem, it’s a few.

“It’s not all the media, I just can’t stand a few of them and they know what I think, so there’s nothing to hide.” – J.T. Miller

The American also took pains to address the transaction rumours surrounding him.

It had the merit of being clear.

“The trade rumours were just that, rumours. And to be honest, I have way too much pride to kiss their c*l (media) anyway and I’d tell them in person. I’d rather stir the pot with them than have them say something nice about me.” – J.T. Miller

J.T. Miller had signed a 7-year, $56 million contract extension after an excellent 99-point season in 2021.

Last year, Miller still produced more than a point per game, with 82 points in 81 games, despite a difficult season for the Canucks.

His contract, however, was one of the reasons why Bo Horvat didn’t stay in Vancouver, having been traded to the New York Islanders last January.

Vancouver is likely to miss the playoffs once again, barring a surprise.

In the Pacific Division, we have the defending champions, the Vegas Golden Knights, but also the Seattle Kraken, the Los Angeles Kings, the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames. All these teams are, on paper, superior to the Canucks.

It remains to be seen whether Miller will be able to withstand the media pressure once again, without it being ” too much ” for him and calling for a trade. It seems to be becoming increasingly popular among players when something doesn’t suit them.

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