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Former IndyCar driver claims Daniel Sprong attacked him

Daniel Sprong is a talented field hockey player who just can’t seem to establish himself with a club. After breaking into the Pittsburgh Penguins lineup at age 18, he traveled extensively.

Between transfers to the AHL, the QMJHL and the times his teams have said goodbye to him (Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Washington and Seattle), he’s never found the stability to let his talent shine.

One wonders why teams give up on him so quickly, and Zach Claman DeMelo, a Montrealer renowned for his former work as an IndyCar driver, may have the answer.

According to what DeMelo claims on Instagram, Daniel Sprong attacked him as part of the Grand Prix weekend. He also posted pictures to show how disfigured he is by what happened.

Still according to DeMelo, the new member of the Detroit Red Wings (he signed a one-year, $2 million contract last month) allegedly grabbed him by the neck and pinned him to the wall.

The two men were separated, but just when the pilot thought it was all over, Sprongsucker-punched the defenseless Montrealer.

DeMelo says the dentist’s job was intense and that he’s still living with the effects of a concussion.

Finally, he says he wanted to highlight the fact that no one can act like that, not even an NHL player. He also adds that he can’t say any more because of legal issues.

(Credit: Instagram)

Obviously, when you see the images, you might think that if the pilot is telling the truth (it’s not for me to judge that: to each his own) about Sprong, the latter will be in trouble. One wonders whether Steve Yzerman will want to keep him in his organization.

And if Sprong really did attack DeMelo like that (we only have one side to the story, after all), there will be consequences, and they’ll be deserved. We agree on that.

I have a few questions about all this, though. First, he talks about the Grand Prix weekend. I assume he’s talking about the one in Montreal (in mid-June) because he’s from here and he’s talking about the fact that he’s been living with a concussion for weeks.

If that’s the case, why come out weeks later on Instagram when, by his own admission, legal proceedings are underway? Does he want to control his story publicly?

Has he tried to settle it amicably before? Is he talking about it to better heal by opening up to others, something he was unable to do a few weeks ago? I don’t know.

But anyway. Clearly, in light of the images published, DeMelo seems to be in bad shape. Whatever happened, we’ll be wishing him a speedy recovery since this looks pretty painful.

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