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Jonathan Toews has officially hung up his skates
Jonathan Toews had an excellent career. A three-time Stanley Cup winner, the former Chicago Blackhawks captain was an undisputed leader both on and off the ice.

In 1,067 games there, the 19-year-old collected 883 points. Needless to say, his place in the Hall of Fame is set in stone at this point. At 35, the center was a free agent, but we knew his retirement was coming.

Now it’s official. According to Frank Seravalli, who has heard rumours to that effect, Toews has retired, but it will be made official soon.

Even though he’s had a great, long career, we knew it was coming to an end. After all, just a few weeks ago, his agency hadn’t even put his name on its list of free agents .

After collecting a respectable 60 points in 2019-2020, Toews decided not to play in the shortened season due to medical complications. Everything went wrong thereafter, as in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, he collected 37 and 31 points respectively. He was no longer the same player, which is why the Hawks were quick to say he wouldn’t be back next year.

Despite the more difficult seasons, the 19 drew the attention of a few teams, including the Oilers. At minimum wage, I don’t see why the forward would have been a bad addition. And trying to win a Stanley Cup alongside the best player in the game is a great way to end a career, don’t you think?

Anyway, it’s not going to happen.

So, we wish Toews a happy retirement. I can’t wait to see if he returns to the Blackhawks one day, but this time in the office.

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