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Kent Hughes and Jeff Petry have yet to speak to the media
Yesterday, Kent Hughes and the Canadiens acquired Jeff Petry. The latter is back in town for a second stint with the Montreal Canadiens.

But as you know, expect the second stint to be shorter than the first. After all, the Petry family left Montreal after requesting a return to the United States.

Seeing him back in Montreal yesterday came as a surprise to many. But in reality, the defenseman could very well, according to what’s circulating, play his next game somewhere other than Montreal. That’s what many people in the industry think.

And since the club was able to convince the Penguins to retain 25% of the defenseman’s salary (averaging $6.25 million until 2025), Kent Hughes could trade him for 37.5% of his salary while retaining another 37.5%.

No one is going to make me believe that at $2.34M under the cap (and with his $3M bonus paid on July 1st), Petry won’t be in demand. He may have slowed down, but we agree that he’s still a defenseman who can, at the right price, do honest work.

I don’t think that retaining $2.34M over two years for Petry would be a big step backwards for the CH, considering the expected salary cap increase in 2024, the return obtained from the Penguins (and what the CH gave) and what Kent Hughes could receive by trading him.

Let’s talk about the potential trade.

Normally, when a GM makes a move as part of a major transaction, he’s quick to talk to the media. The same goes for the player in question: he answers the media’s questions.

Nathan Légaré has already given interviews to a number of journalists.

At the time of writing, however, the Habs have yet to schedule a press conference with GM Kent Hughes or Jeff Petry.

I really feel this is a clue that the situation isn’t over. Is it possible to believe that Jeff Petry has no plans with the media here because there’s no point?

Is the CH looking to win a fourth straight deal involving the defenseman?

It would make sense for the Habs not to retain the services of Jeff Petry, a defenseman who wanted to leave and who would block the youngsters in the hierarchy on the right side of the defense.

To be continued.

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