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Marc Bergevin, Dominique Ducharme and Paul Wilson spent their Saturday evening together
The summer of 2021 was an absolutely fantastic one for the Montreal Canadiens and their fans.

Even if the team didn’t win the Stanley Cup in the end, it gave us some incredible, unforgettable moments that will stay with us forever.

Listening to Habs playoff field hockey in the middle of June was truly special.

Swimming and basking in the sun during the day, then settling down in front of the TV at night to listen to a game of the utmost importance.

It was truly incredible, all the more so when you add in the fact that we were in the middle of a pandemic, when there was little to celebrate.

In short, the CH’s run to 2021 has left its mark on the imagination of all fans.

After this run, few would have predicted that the Canadiens would end up in the lower echelons of the NHL for the next two seasons.

At the time, no one would have predicted so many changes on the ice, but also in the offices.

A few months after the Stanley Cup Final, three big names were already no longer working for the team.

I’m talking about former CH general manager Marc Bergevin, former CH head coach Dominique Ducharme and former VP of Communications Paul Wilson.

All three found themselves out the door, as did Trevor Timmins.

Despite this, the three have kept in touch, and see each other from time to time, even if they’re each off at their new jobs.

In fact, they spent Saturday evening together.

The three former acolytes got together to spend an evening together and, I imagine, to reminisce about their time with the Montreal Canadiens.

It’s a great bond to experience so many emotions together on the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

Paul Wilson was wearing a Tricolore jersey, the Conference Champions jersey that the Canadiens won on their way to the playoffs in 2021.

The three men continue to see each other and spend time together, even though they’ve all moved on with their lives.

Marc Bergevin is currently Senior Advisor to the General Manager with the Los Angeles Kings.

Dominique Ducharme was hired this summer as assistant coach for the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights.

And Paul Wilson continues to work as Senior VP, National Public Relations.

In short, it just goes to show that there was a real friendship between the three men.

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