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Juraj Slafkovsky to represent Slovakia at next World Junior Championship
Juraj Slafkovsky has been polarizing for all sorts of reasons since his selection at the very top of the 2022 draft.

First of all, some people believe that Slafkovsky should not have been selected in the first place.

Others believe he should have started the season in the AHL.

Still others believe he should have participated in the 2023 World Junior Championship.

Instead, the CH decided to keep him with their club, even though the young Slovak was going through a difficult time in the month leading up to the tournament.

On that point, I still don’t understand this decision, because the team was going nowhere at that point anyway.

I’d also have preferred him to start with the Laval Rocket to get used to the North American style of play.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m not the team’s general manager.

However, many fans shared these opinions.

Now that the 2023-2024 season is fast approaching, many still believe that Slafkovsky should start the season in Laval.

On Twitter, Salfkovsky’s name is often linked to the American League and the World Junior Championship.

It’s interesting to wonder.

With his first professional year in North America and his results, would it be a good idea to send Slaf to Laval and the WJC to represent his country?

If you ask me, the idea of sending him to the World Junior Championship should be a “must”. As for Laval, I don’t think it’s the best option.

The decision to keep him in the NHL or demote him should depend on the starting line-up and also on the young player’s pre-season performances.

If Slafkovsky has a good training camp, he should start the season with the big club.

And honestly, that’s all I wish for him.

A great pre-season would boost his confidence significantly, and it could give him the opportunity to play alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield on the first line.

That’s if Caufield and Suzuki stay together for next season, because the idea of pairing Dach with Caufield also makes a lot of sense.

Whether he starts the season in Laval or Montreal, Slaf has to play in the CMJ. It would give him a boost if his season gets off to a rocky start.

In your opinion, should Slafkovsky represent his country this winter, and where should he start the season?

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