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Alexis Lafrenière still without a contract for next season
The off-season went by rather quickly, even if field hockey fans are getting impatient just a few weeks before the start of training camp.

While most teams are ready to face the coming season, a few still have unfinished business on the table.

The New York Rangers are among them, with young Quebecer Alexis Lafrenière, a compensated free agent, still without a contract.

With just over $2.2 million under the salary cap, the Rangers need to move quickly to make room for a contract for Lafrenière.

It’s hard to say how much Laffy will get in his next contract, but a short-term deal should be on the table for both sides.

Firstly, New York doesn’t have the salary room to sign him long-term, and on the other hand, Lafrenière has no interest in signing long-term if he hopes to secure a lucrative contract.

The Rangers have another option, and that’s to place one of their names on the long-term injured list, to free up salary to extend his contract.

However, this option is not currently available, and will have to wait until early October.

Among the uncompensated autonomous players still without a contract is Anaheim Ducks star Trevor Zegras.

I must say I was surprised when I realized this, but both parties really want the best deal possible.

Zegras had already confirmed that he would not be joining the Ducks organization until he had a contract extension.

He is taking the opportunity to remain in Stamford, Connecticut, where he trains with other NHL players, including Chris Kreider.

With the recent signing of Troy Terry, one might expect Zegras’ contract extension to be imminent.

We’ll have to wait and see, just as we did for his teammate, Jamie Drysdale.

The young defender is also a restricted free agent, but since he hasn’t played enough games, he can’t receive qualifying offers from other teams.

Another noteworthy young player still without a contract for next season is Evan Bouchard.

The owner of the ” Bouch-Bomb ” had a second consecutive season of at least 40 points, and the Edmonton Oilers would love to keep this defensive gem.

According to Bob Stauffer, who covers the Edmonton Oilers, the deal is imminent, and would be a two-year contract worth between $3.8 and $4 million.

All great deals on the table.

Will Lafrenière and the New York Rangers reach an agreement by the start of the season?

What about Zegras? Will his salary be higher than Troy Terry’s?

In his case, we can expect a long contract extension, as a bridge contract would be a bit absurd.


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