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Video: Juraj Slafkovsky advertises for a Slovakian mineral water company

It’s no secret that Juraj Slafkovsky is very popular in Slovakia. In fact, he’s seen as a hero by many. His popularity catches the eye of companies willing to appear with an advertisement.

This time, Slafkovsky has become the face of a brand of bottled mineral water from Slovakia, Budis, which describes itself as “the most popular mineral water in Slovakia”.

I’ll let you see the ad the CH player made with this company.

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In the ad, we see Slaf arriving at the airport and drinking twenty bottles of Budis brand water. A pretty woman makes eyes at him, but he only has eyes for the bottles of water in the fridge behind her. We then see him enter a hotel room after his flight, and his field hockey bag is filled with bottles of water. He preferred to carry the bottles rather than his equipment.

Drinking so much water, it’s clear he must have spent a good part of his flight in the toilet.

The ad is pretty funny, but what’s really going to pay off for the company is the face of the first overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft.

He’s so popular in Slovakia that the Slovak people have made his Instagram account one of the 25 most popular in the entire NHL. That’s something! There are probably several Canadiens fans who also subscribe to him, but it’s really his popularity in Slovakia that makes him stand out.

But this isn’t the first ad in which Slaf has starred. He recently produced a lengthy ad in partnership with field hockey equipment company Bauer.

Slafkovsky didn’t just shoot a video ad with the Budis company. He also took photos for the company, which he posted on his Instagram account.

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A publication shared by Budis (@budis_sk)

Our Slaf looks great, but he’s missing a Habs logo somewhere!

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