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Lane Hutson tastes poutine for the first time and notes Canadian snacks

We sometimes tend to forget that some of our classic Canadian snacks aren’t necessarily so popular in the United States. I learned this week from a Ryan Reynolds video that all-dressed potato chips are a mystery to Americans. Yet seasoned Ruffles are part of the routine for many Canadians, including myself.

So the idea of getting Lane Hutson to try a poutine while he was in Montreal this summer was also a content opportunity to introduce him to other classics not available at home.

The Habs have therefore published a short capsule in which the Canadian hopeful tastes some of the delicacies from our neck of the woods.

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In the potato chip category, Lane tried Lays with ketchup. Although Americans are generally fascinated by this logical combination (what do we put on our French fries, guys?), the young defender gave them a score of 8/10.

Hutson gave the Timbits a 10/10, although he had already tried them, considering that there are Tim Hortons in the northern United States.

The young man was not impressed by the Coffee Crisp, which received a passing grade of 6/10.

Now for the pièce de résistance. The traditional Quebec dish. Lots of pressure, and a poutine that seems to be drowned in sauce.

“10! It’s really good!”

As the host mentions that poutine is very fatty and that it’s a good thing he doesn’t go on the ice after the capsule, Lane jokes that he “could use the weight” .

He hasn’t signed his NHL entry-level contract yet, but we’re certainly looking forward to getting to know the young American better through content like this… and seeing him perform magic tricks on the ice.

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