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La Poche Bleue will not replace Stéphane Gonzalez at lunchtime

August marks (sadly, some would say) the start of the autumn school year. I know, we’re in the middle of summer, literally, but we’re already starting to buy school supplies, make plans for the return to “normal” life , accept that the days are starting to get shorter and shorter, and so on.

And we’re starting to wonder what we can expect from Canadian 2023-24.

Make the playoffs? Forget it! With the Maple Leafs, Lightning and Panthers likely to occupy the top three spots in the Atlantic Division, and the Bruins, Red Wings and Senators clearly ahead of the CH right now, we won’t be holding our breath.

The team went from 32nd to 28th last year. If all goes well – and the infirmary doesn’t fill up as much as it did in the previous two campaigns – we can hope to see the Tricolore finish 24th or 25th next season. In short… not to make the playoffs, but not to draft very high after two years of talking in the top five.

Coverage of the Canadiens will also change somewhat this fall.

Jean-Charles Lajoie will not be back on BPM Sports. Whether due to dismissal or mutual decision, we have to admit that his low ratings, the fact that his show was repeated on radio and TV, or his occasional on-air antics (dig a little and you’ll find out), the result remains the same: Paul Houde and Gilbert Delorme will host the morning show on RNC Média’s sports network.

Stéphane Gonzalez will replace my colleague and friend Maxime Truman alongside Georges Laraque at lunchtime, while Martin Lemay will be back in his usual spot: le retour.

Who will complete the BPM Sports line-up? Max Lalonde has just added @BPMSports to his Twitter bio. Could BPM have a new Max on the air this fall? #MaxVanHoutte #MaxTruman #MaxLalonde

(Credit: TVA Sports)

With Gonzo’ s return to BPM Sports, a void has been created at La Poche Bleue. Who will host the daily lunchtime show at the flagship of Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre?

From what I’ve been told over the past few hours, Stéphane Gonzalez will not be replaced. The show, which straddles the web and traditional TV broadcast, wasn’t working, and LPB executives apparently decided not to put any more time and effort into such a difficult niche. Especially when you’re up against Martin Lemay’s Georges Laraque at the same time!

I guess the food and soccer podcast Le Snack won’t be back since Gonzo is leaving the daily lunchtime slot, but that’s pure speculation on my part for now.

No one at La Poche Bleue would confirm or deny the news.

The weekly edition of the original podcast will be back, and with some big news. From Maxim Lapierre

Some of the more marginal podcasts could disappear and others, appear. We’re not afraid to test things at LPB.

And unlike some people, we don’t get bent out of shape when a project doesn’t get off the ground.

I’m already looking forward to the Canadiens Children’s Foundation golf tournament and the opening of training camp.

Is It October September Yet?


It’s not just Stéphane Gonzalez who will be less present on TVA Sports this fall. Several people won’t be back, or will be in a diminished role.

The good news is that TVA Sports increased its market share last season.

The bad news is that revenues didn’t keep pace, maintaining or worsening the company’s net loss.

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