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Auteur: Manuel Sperandio-Lemay
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Since TVA Sports was launched, the station has been making financial losses. It’s not easy arriving in an environment where RDS has been established for many years already.

But despite everything, TVA Sports, supported by Québecor, continues to hold its own.

According to recent reports, TVA Sports has even seen an increase in market share from April to June 2023 (the second quarter), compared with the same dates in 2022.

In concrete terms, we’re talking about an increase of 0.3 market share in all, which is a step forward for the station.

That said, this has not prevented revenues from falling by 15.1% in terms of advertising and by 4.3% when subscriptions to the sports channel are taken into account.

These are significant drops.

If revenues have fallen, and if we assume that expenses have remained fairly stable (in terms of contracts, for example) or have risen (with inflation), then we can assume that there are greater losses than before.

Yes, the advertising market is tough right now.

So TVA Sports will have to keep working hard to maintain its position. In the playoffs, when ratings are up, it makes a difference.

But we mustn’t forget either that consistency in front of the camera helps build trust. And some departures are expected, according to Maxime Truman, one of the on-air people at TVA Sports.

Their identities will be revealed shortly.

Seeing the Habs have a more competitive season (let’s put it that way) would help the station’s ratings. Whether this translates into higher revenues remains to be seen.


TVA Sports, which has a contract with the NHL that expires in three years, is already fighting for its survival. So news like today’s about revenues is not ideal.

To be continued.

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