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Jean-Sébastien Dea is “mentally drained” from the AHL

Jean-Sébastien has had an intriguing career. He never broke through to the NHL, even though he played some 30 games. He remains an excellent player in the AHL. But his goal is to play in the NHL.

That’s why he signed with the Arizona Coyotes last year. The Quebecer felt he had a better chance of playing for the Coyotes in the NHL than the Montreal Canadiens. And in the end, he’s right: in Montreal, the offensive congestion is real.

But whether in Montreal or in the desert, the result is the same: in 2022-2023, he hasn’t played much in the big league. He’s played a meagre four games in the Bettman circuit.

And he’s getting tired of the AHL. That’s what he said on the sansrestriction podcast .

@sansrestriction 🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨: @jsdea would be willing to play in Switzerland as soon as this year, if it doesn’t work out with the Arizona Coyotes. #nhl #lnh #hockey #quebec #canada #anecdotes #podcast #sansrestriction #drole #funny #nhlers #quebec #canada #montreal #kevinraphael #jsdea #dea #foryou #viral #folllow #habs #rockets #foryou #viral #likes ♬ original sound – sansrestriction

In fact, he’s “mentally drained” and if he could sign in Switzerland, for example, he would. In fact, if he had an opportunity to go to Europe, he would. Especially before he loses his passion for field hockey. The Quebecker just wants to rediscover the pleasure of playing field hockey, but for some time now, he hasn’t necessarily been enjoying it as much as he did when he was young.

Taking to the ice is like a job for him…

Honestly, I understand that he’s fed up with the AHL, but in 37 games in the Bettman circuit over the course of his career, he’s only collected seven points. Granted, it’s a small sample size, but he hasn’t given his bosses a good argument for staying up there.

In Montreal, he could (should? ) have been recalled, but in the end, he never played a game with the Habs.

In the comments to the podcast extract, you can see that people don’t necessarily sympathize with him. They call him a spoiled baby with a loser mentality. At the same time, playing field hockey professionally is effectively a job, so he can’t complain that he’s working. Because all Quebecers work at some point in their lives, and believe me, he has one of the best jobs a human being can have. He also gets paid almost $800,000 a year to play the sport.

In any case, I wouldn’t cry if I were him…

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