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Troy Terry and the Ducks avoid arbitration
The Anaheim Ducks had two major issues to deal with this summer. They had to come to an agreement with Trevor Zegras and Troy Terry on the terms of a new contract, while both youngsters were RFA.

It’s not done yet for Zegras…

But fans of the club can rejoice to learn that the organization has avoided arbitration and agreed on the terms of a seven-year contract with Troy Terry, an agreement that binds him to the team until the end of the 2029-2023 season.

He will be paid $7 million annually, a superb salary increase.

His previous contract paid him $1.45 million annually from 2020:

Troy Terry is 25 years old and has just put together two 60+ point seasons.

This is a great contract for him, but also for the organization. The Ducks will have the luxury of being able to count on him for seven more seasons, and we’re starting to see a nice base in Anaheim.

Without necessarily being the most dangerous team in the National League, the Ducks’ offensive line-up gives reason to believe that the team will be exciting to watch next season, because they are blessed with several talented young players:

(Credit: Daily Faceoff)

The Ducks probably don’t have what it takes yet to make the playoffs… But with the youngsters on the rise, they’re likely to get good before too long.

Because let’s not forget that Anaheim has some great prospects. They’re well-endowed on defense with the likes of Tristan Luneau, Noah Warren, Olen Zellweger and Pavel Mintyukov…

And up front, you’ll find guys like Leo Carlsson, Sasha Pastujov, Nathan Gaucher, Jacob Perreault and many more.

All in all, the future looks bright for Anaheim, and the signing of Terry means the club will have a top-notch winger for several more seasons.

And that’s a good thing.

Now, all eyes will be on Trevor Zegras. The Ducks have a lot to play for, though… since they have around $13 million in current cap space with the signing of Troy Terry.

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