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Stéphane Gonzalez returns to BPM Sports

The last few days have been busy at BPM Sports. First, we learned that Paul Houde would be taking on a more prominent role role at the station. Then came the news that, afterfter hosting the weekend morning show last season, he would be taking on a higher-profile role this fall: that of the station’s morning man.

This will be the 49th season for the radio veteran.

And just yesterday, Jean-Charles Lajoie announced via a press release that he would not be back behind his microphone at BPM Sports in 2023-24. JiC and RNC Média report that this was a mutual decision taken because of the difficulty of hosting on both TV and radio… but Michel Villeneuve is categorical: Jean-Charles has simply been fired, according to him.

We can expect further changes in next season’s programming. The big bosses – Alexandre Panneton, in particular, who was appointed GM just under two months ago – are planning a major clean-up. All will be officially unveiled in the next few days.

But we have it on good authority that Georges Laraque, who will once again occupy the on-air dinner slot, will have a new hosting partner this season. I said new, but I should write old new.

This new partner will be Stéphane Gonzalez, well known to radio fans. La Presse raised the possibility of seeing him again at BPM Sports yesterday, and we can confirm this.

Back in the (glorious) days when BPM Sports was still known as 91.9 Sports, Gonzo was quite popular with listeners. His return will most likely be well received by the sports station’s listeners.

Over the years, Gonzo and Georges sometimes worked together and sometimes each worked on a different show. It changed a lot.

So this year, they’ll be working together after Stéphane Gonzalez spent the last year running La Poche Bleue le midi, a daily sports news show that aired on TVA Sports, as well as on La Poche Bleue’s social networks.

We contacted most of the people involved in the decision, from both La Poche Bleue and BPM Sports. Unfortunately, no official confirmation was forthcoming from the various parties contacted by the team.

Yves Bombardier, Director of Programming at BPM Sports, said he’d get back to us as soon as possible, but we’re still waiting to hear back at the time of writing. Guillaume Latendresse (La Poche Bleue) declined to comment. Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez didn’t return our calls, and

Maxime Truman, who co-hosted Georges Laraque last year in Le Monde de Georges, only gave me a few words


“All I can tell you, Charles, is that we’ll be working together again in 2023-24. Let’s talk next week if you don’t mind.”

After replacing Stéphane Gonzalez at the station, BPM Sports replaced Truman with the same Gonzo a year after his departure. So it’s not just in the field hockey world that things can change quickly and take unexpected turns.

We can expect confirmation of the next BPM Sports line-up in the next few days.

In short-

Small contract in Pittsburgh.

Well done.

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