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Buying Jeff Petry: the Penguins may have no choice
Things seem to be particularly complicated for the Penguins these days.

Kyle Dubas is at the heart of the race to get Erik Karlsson, certainly. But, salary-wise… The Penguins have a lot of homework to do, even if they don’t acquire the NHL’s recent Norris Trophy winner.

Currently, the Pens are over the salary cap by more than $3 million. They have all their forwards (13), defensemen (8) and goaltenders (3) signed for next season…

But rumor has it that the team isn’t done shopping just yet.

Dubas will have to find a way to “fit” everyone on his payroll, and that, by necessity, could mean buying out Jeff Petry’s contract.

The former CH defenseman has two years (at $6.25 million) left on his contract:

It would be a completely mind-boggling scenario.

After all, Petry has been a member of the Penguins organization for just over a year, and in Pittsburgh, he was thought to have the potential to be one of the club’s power-play QBs.

That was the case last season… But the defender didn’t live up to expectations. He didn’t produce the way we’d hoped he would for the Penguins, and now, at 35, Petry and his hefty $6.25 million salary (for two more years) just aren’t getting the job done.

Further proof that Kent Hughes made a good move by trading him for Mike Matheson, who was the CH’s best defenseman last season.

All in all, this would be an interesting avenue for the Penguins, who are looking to remain competitive until Sidney Crosby, Kristopher Letang and Evgeni Malkin retire.

Would Kyle Dubas consider the scenario, if he hasn’t already?


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