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OnlyFans model says Carey Price is cheating on his wife like crazy

When there’s a rumor of scandal involving the Canadiens, there’s a lot of noise. This time, it’s Carey Price. Appearing on the D’amour et de s3xe podcast, Onlyfans model Minoum declared that Carey Price is cheating on his wife all the time.

She reportedly witnessed the scene at a party at the Bord’ Elle bar towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, when bars were reopening.

Minoum begins by saying that “what happens at Bord’Elle, stays at Bord’Elle “, but she quickly decided to talk about it.

Here’s the clip in question:

“(Canadiens players) are the least faithful on earth. If anything, (Carey Price) was getting a blow job on the bench in front of me.” – Minoum

That’s a big accusation she made about Price because she admitted it, but she seems to believe that Habs players don’t hesitate to cheat on their wives.

Worst of all, she even took the time to throw an arrow at Carey Price’s wife, Angela.

“His wife is like, ‘I’m not looking, but I’m touching your money!'” – Minoum

To be honest, I don’t believe this story is true at all. As an OnlyFans model, Minoum needs popularity to secure a cash income. What better way to attract attention than a good old-fashioned scandal?

If this story were true, I think we would have heard about it a few days or weeks after it happened.

She explains that another girl claimed to have slept with Cole Caufield, but it wasn’t true after all, and that she doesn’t want to “look like a fool” like her.

She certainly seems to believe it.

If it’s not true, she’ll get some attention, but not the good kind.


– He looks good.

– The best? Is he really?

– Impressive.

– Funny story.

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