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Michel Villeneuve continues to take shots at Jean-Charles Lajoie

For months now, there’s been a war of words between Michel Villeneuve and Jean-Charles Lajoie.

And it’s unfortunate, but the whole thing is beginning to take on enormous proportions.

Since yesterday, Michel Villeneuve has been rejoicing in Jean-Charles Lajoie’s “mutual” departure from BPM Sports, and he’s having a field day insulting the radio and TV host.

This was the case again this afternoon, when he tweeted that several employees and ex-employees of the station are delighted with his departure, while thanking the people who “supported him in his approach”…

But he also went a little overboard, saying that Jean-Charles Lajoie’s psychologist “has his work cut out for him”.

At a certain point, I think it’s enough. “Enough is enough, as they say…

Because it’s really starting to feel like a kindergarten game. Michel Villeneuve has the right not to like Jean-Charles Lajoie, and he also has the right to think what he wants. I’m not saying he doesn’t.

But there comes a time… Maybe it’s time to give up, too. He’s got a turd on his heart, obviously, but he’s made his point.

We know that Michel Villeneuve has an intense character, and that’s what made him so successful in his media career. He left no one indifferent, and that’s still the case today.

And I respect the fact that he’s not afraid of criticism and isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. That said…

Sometimes it can go too far, as we saw today.


Originally, Villeneuve was tweeting several times a day to speak ill of Lajoie, just before he chose to quit Twitter.

Now he’s back to “finish what he started”… and we wonder if he’ll officially leave the platform for good.

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