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Images: Connor Bedard is (really) too strong for his summer league
The wait is finally over, ladies and gentlemen.

In a few weeks, we’ll finally get to see Connor Bedard play his very first game in the National League. The youngster maintains that he’ll have to fight to get his position in Chicago for the Hawks’ first game in 2023-2024…

But everyone knows that his place is guaranteed in Luke Richardson’s line-up. At least, if he doesn’t make the club for reason X, we’ll clearly be hearing about it all over the NHL.

The young sensation decided to stay in shape this summer by playing in a roller field hockey league. Connor Bedard being Connor Bedard, the Blackhawks prospect has racked up an impressive 35 pointsafter just seven games…

And Bedard doesn’t just score goals for the sake of scoring goals. He steals the show every time he takes the ice, and he’s clearly too good for the league:

The show must be sickening, for real.

Imagine it. You’re participating in a roller field hockey league and after your day’s work, no matter how tired you are, you have to face Connor Bedard…

It’s got to be pretty special. And I feel bad for all the other players in that league, hehe.

Of course, Bedard is having fun, and therefore has the opportunity to play field hockey in any summer league. The calibre may be lower than his, but hey.

It gives him a break from his physical preparation and the pressure that surrounds him, and that’s what’s important.

The guys have to have fun, after all.

I don’t know if his opponents have as much fun as he does when he’s on the ice, but I figure that being able to face him balances things out. I wouldn’t mind losing 10-0 to Connor Bedard…

As long as I get to see him play and face him in real life.


– congratulations.

– Yikes.

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– Nice addition to Toronto. Brings depth to the team’s bench.

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