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The Oilers could be interested in Jake Evans, according to Kurt Leavins
The Edmonton Oilers need depth up front. They may be interested in acquiring Canadiens forward Jake Evans in a trade in the coming months.

That’s what Edmonton Journal reporter Kurt Leavins suggests.

According to Staples, the Oilers could make trades to rebalance the team at center. That’s why he proposes changing the depth players by getting their hands on Jake Evans or Nic Dowd from the Capitals.

Jake Evans has two seasons left on his contract, which has a $1.7 million impact on the payroll. The Oilers need to acquire players with low salaries to compensate for the big contracts of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

McDavid earns $12.5 million and Draisaitl $8.5 million per season. What’s more, the German’s contract expires at the end of the 2024-25 season and he’s likely to cost even more.

Jake Evans is producing well offensively, with 19 points in 54 games in 2022-23. But what’s most interesting about him is what he can bring to the table physically and defensively. He’ll be able to handle a second wave of shorthanded play in Edmonton.

Leavins hasn’t indicated what kind of return the Oilers will have to offer the CH to acquire Evans, but he probably doesn’t expect to offer much.

Kent Hughes will probably be willing to negotiate, but he’d be much more interested in getting rid of a more cumbersome contract like Christian Dvorak.

It’s an issue that remains to be followed, but don’t be surprised if Jake Evans is the subject of several rumours in the coming months. The Canadiens’ congestion up front may force Kent Hughes to make a few trades during or before the season.

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