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The average value of an NHL team has increased by 550% since 2000.
Inflation is hitting everyone, including the field hockey world. The value of everything has gone up, and the same goes for the value of NHL teams. In fact, their value has risen drastically over the past 23 years.

According to player agent Allan Walsh, the average value of an NHL team was $180 million in 2000. By 2023, it will have reached $1 billion.

That’s a 550% increase in just 23 years. That’s a lot.

But we’re talking about Allan Walsh, the player agent who likes to stir things up. Of course, he took advantage of this statement to point out the “inequality” of player salaries in relation to this increase.

According to him, during this 23-year period, the average player’s salary increased by 105%. Granted, that’s a lot less than the 550% of teams. As a player agent, he certainly wants a better contract for his clients (especially since he earns a percentage of those same contracts).

But it’s true that the players could get more. We see very large contracts in all the other big American leagues. As Walsh suggests, it would be a good idea to offer more than money to certain players.

I’m talking about team shares for the best players, to avoid paying a huge salary for a single player.

But the NHL as such must do a better job of raising the salary cap. Players will never be paid more if the salary cap doesn’t increase. And seeing the value of teams rise so drastically, it would make sense to raise the cap accordingly.

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