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Lane Hutson gained nearly 20 pounds in one year
Lane Hutson is probably the favorite prospect of virtually every Montreal Canadiens fan.

Do I need to explain why?

Well, I’ll keep it short.

The CH’s second-round pick (62nd overall) is already considered a steal, so dominant was he at every level he played at this season, especially in the NCAA, where he broke records with 48 points (15 goals and 33 assists) in 39 games.

Remember, he’s a defender.

In short, Hutson has established himself as one of the Montreal Canadiens’ best prospects, if not the best.

His development is going very well, and if it continues like this, he could very well become a top NHL offensive defenseman with the CH.

However, the only thing that could slow down Hutson’s momentum, and that sometimes lowers the expectations of some fans and analysts, is his small size and weight.

These are the only reasons why he was still available at No. 62 in the 2022 draft.

Hutson measured 5 feet 8 inches and weighed 158 pounds.

Clearly not enough to become a future NHL player, but we knew he’d keep getting bigger and heavier.

His growth plates are still open.

Anyway, here we are a little over a year later, and we now have new numbers for Hutson, while he’s at Team USA’s summer camp, where he’s already dominating.

Hutson is now 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.

Hutson has gained nearly 20 pounds (17 to be precise) since the 2022 draft combine.

That’s huge, especially for a player like Hutson, who has always been considered too small for the NHL.

! 75 pounds is now respectable for a potential NHL player.

Hutson would be shuffled around in the NHL this year, but he could manage.

If we compare him with Quinn Hughes, a player of similar size to Hutson with a similar style of play, there’s only a five-pound difference.

Hughes weighs 180 pounds and is 5’10”.

In short, Hutson, who originally scared off several teams because of his weight and size, is now very close to having what it takes to reach the NHL.

We’ll just have to pray that Hutson reaches his full potential.

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