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Christian Dvorak could become an option for the Boston Bruins
Credit: He has the onerous task of replacing - along with Cédric Paquette - Kotkaniemi AND Danault.
Earlier this week, on Tuesday to be precise, we learned the sad news that Patrice Bergeron had announced his retirement.

The news saddened the entire field hockey world, which united to honor the Quebec player’s incredible career.

A field hockey legend has hung up his skates, leaving a huge void in the Boston Bruins organization in every sense of the word.

Indeed, with Bergeron’s departure, the Bruins now find themselves with a more-than-ordinary center line.

(Credit: Daily Faceoff)
Pavel Zacha and Charlie Coyle are not first-rate players, and certainly not replacements for Patrice Bergeron.

This leaves the Bruins in a very difficult situation, where the addition of a top-notch center becomes virtually mandatory if they are to remain even remotely competitive.

Fortunately for the Bruins, a number of top-notch centers have been the subject of trade rumors for several weeks, if not months.

These include Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets and Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames.

My colleague Raphael Simard outlined these two options earlier this week.

The problem for the Bruins with these two options, however, is that they will be very expensive.

What’s more, the Jets and Flames aren’t rebuilding, so they want established players in return, not prospects and picks.

Other than goaltender Jeremy Swayman, the Bruins don’t have any NHL players who could be the basis of such a deal.

In that case, the Bruins could end up turning to much less attractive, but probably unavoidable, last-resort options.

Among these options, Josh Wegman mentions Christian Dvorak.

Obviously, Dvorak won’t be the Bruins’ first choice on the trade market – quite the contrary.

He’s the least attractive name on Wegman’s list, which also includes Elias Lindholm, Mark Scheifele, Logan Couture and Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Dvorak wouldn’t even be an upgrade over Charlie Coyle and Pavel Zacha.

On the other hand, the Montreal Canadiens’ center could become the most logical and straightforward option for the Bruins.

Why would that be?

Well, firstly, because Dvorak is a defensive-minded center, a key element in Patrice Bergeron’s game.

Please note: in no way am I suggesting that Dvorak is comparable to Bergeron. The two players are light years apart. In short, Dvorak is the Dollarama version of Bergeron.

The fact remains, however, that the CH’s #28 has a similar style of play, and that’s what might interest the Bruins.

Secondly, the price to be paid for Dvorak is likely to be very low.

Dvorak’s value is at an all-time low after two very ordinary seasons with the CH.

The CH may even be tempted to withhold some of his salary in order to conclude a transaction. Dvorak will pocket $4.45 million for two more seasons.

In short, Dvorak is clearly not a luxury option for the Bruins, but in the end, they could turn to Kent Hughes as a last resort to add a center to their lineup.

Who knows, maybe Dvorak would bounce back in Boston.

What’s more, it would be beneficial to the CH, which is trying to make room for these young players.

The Tricolore may also decide to keep Dvorak, given his good efficiency in the face-off circle.

Stay tuned.

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