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Justin Herbert: next year, he’ll earn more money than Patrice Bergeron in his career
As we all know, field hockey players make money.

By the end of their respective careers, they’ve generally earned enough to live without financial worries. That may not be the case for some of them, due to problems of one kind or another, but whatever.

You see where I’m going with this.

But when it comes to salaries, we know that the NHL lags behind the other leagues. That makes sense, because the sport of field hockey is much less popular in the United States.

In our neighboring country, soccer (NCAA and NHL), MLB baseball and NBA basketball get most of the attention. These are THE sports that are the talk of the town.

The industries are simply not comparable.

Two examples seen in the past week are perfect for describing the situation. On Tuesday, Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics) signed a contract worth $304 million

And Justin Herbert, the Chargers’ star quarterback, signed a five-year extension that will pay him $262.5 million.

It gets even crazier when you realize that he’ll earn $100 million next season… Which will make him more money than Patrice Bergeron for his entire career.

It’s really crazy.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this text, you can’t really put the NHL’s name in the same group as the MLB, NBA and NFL.

Those leagues simply make more money. Salaries are higher and, as a result, players earn more.

It’s not the same game.

The NHL has some work to do to get up to their level, and probably never will. After all, we know the league has trouble promoting its sport, which doesn’t help…

And it would be surprising to see field hockey’s popularity soar in the States over the next few years.

It’s a shame… But that’s the way it is.

In short

– There are some interesting candidates.

– NHL veteran finds work.

– Sad news in the OHL.

– Absolutely.

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