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Jordan Harris is too often underestimated by the CH
The Montreal Canadiens are in a very good position for the future right now.

The team already boasts a number of high-performance young players, and many more will be joining the big club in the coming seasons, making the team even better.

The CH has a bank of prospects with a lot of depth, which gives the club a better chance of some of them reaching their potential.

In fact, the Tricolore’s bank of prospects is one of the best in the National Hockey League right now.

This is largely due to the many solid young defensemen on the roster.

The Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher and Logan Mailloux of this world are likely to become very important elements of the team’s future.

We can even add Adam Engstrom to this list.

So, with so many exciting and promising defender prospects, it’s hard to find room for everyone in the future.

That means we have to start thinking about who will be packed/sacked when these prospects are ready for the NHL.

For the most part, CH fans seem to see Jordan Harris as the easy one to pull out and trade.

Yet Harris has done nothing wrong; on the contrary, he was the CH’s best rookie defenseman last season.

That’s what Marc Dumont said in one of his recent articles, in which he took the time to answer a few questions from fans.

For him, we have to stop putting Harris in any transaction as if he wasn’t an important player on the team.

And to be honest, I tend to agree with him.

Last season, Harris was playing in his NHL rookie season, along with defensemen Kaiden Guhle, Arber Xhekaj, Johnathan Kovacevic and Justin Barron.

And of the lot, without being impressive, Harris is the one who has been the most consistent in his game over the season while recording the best advanced statistics.

It’s also worth noting that Harris held down the fort against very strong opposition night after night, while being in the company of Johnathan Kovacevic for the majority of the season.

Harris is a very intelligent defenseman who knows how to lead the play, which is very important in the modern NHL.

In short, the CH’s number 54 had a more than respectable rookie season, but despite that, he’s still very underrated, which explains why he’s often seen as the defenseman too far.

Yet Harris is only 23 years old, and still has plenty of room to develop.

So, already seeing Harris as the defender who will be sacrificed to the arrival of all the other quality young prospects in the next few years doesn’t make sense.

He must be given his chance to show more like the others.

Next season, however, will be crucial for Harris, if he really wants to prove that he is and will be an important cog in the Blue Blanc Rouge for a long time to come.

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